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tubby Ruri by avakann
Mature content
tubby Ruri :iconavakann:avakann 15 1
Mature content
Michelle's large meal :iconavakann:avakann 21 3
Avakann Commission HimeWG x Nanako HPG by avakann
Mature content
Avakann Commission HimeWG x Nanako HPG :iconavakann:avakann 9 3
nanako stuffs yuki by avakann nanako stuffs yuki :iconavakann:avakann 13 9 Nanako by avakann Nanako :iconavakann:avakann 38 6
Yuki Avak
Los Vala (translates to snow angel)
species: elf
gender: female
age: 35 (looks 7)
height: 3'7
weight: 90 lbs
character description:
yuki is fairly tall for being an elf child, even though she looks young, she is actually older than nanako, she is also a little stocky, but that's because her dad has spoiled her since her mother passed away during child birth, her hair is platinum blond, and like her father her eyes are both silver, her skin is yound and has a little give to it
sexual orientation:
even though she is 35 she is still a child, though she might be lesbian,
yuki has no fighting abilities, but get her near a machine and she can fix it BETTER than before, also incredibly intelligent,aria is the only rival she has
loves to tinker with stuff, always improves it in some way, surprisingly humble for being spoiled, hates it when people tease her family, used to play with nanako when they were children, also like her father, she too likes la
:iconavakann:avakann 1 5
yami avak
Character name: yami avak
Species: elf
Gender: male
Age: 137 (looks 25)
Height: 7’5
Weight: 110 lbs.
Character description:
Yami is extremely tall, but very thin and agile
He has blond hair and pointed ears
Both eyes are silver
Smooth complexion
Sexual orientation:
He is straight
Village leader of the hidden village of elves
Powers/abilities: magical abilities are not as potent as Nanako’s but he can control them better so no side effects, he also has the celestial bow, a magical bow that is a family heirloom of the avak family, the bow creates arrows out of the mana of the user, (if nanako uses it she might cause someone to explode)
Notes: he likes WG and mainly fat women
personal history
when nanako was young, he often used a heavy spell and gave the extra mana to Nanako, making her even fatter
When he realized that Nanako was going to be the next sacrifice he decided to ask the elders how to stop the ritual, and he was told that he would have to banish her, b
:iconavakann:avakann 0 0
Ravenous Nanako
Ravenous Nanako (likes to be called R-Na)
R-Nanako is the locked away gluttonous side of Nanako
Physical description: R-Nanako looks exactly like Nanako, only she has a ravenous look in her eye and a green aura is around her when she separates from Nanako
Personality: R-Nanako is extremely self centered, only thinking about herself and getting food in her gullet, also has a thing for fattening other women, if they don’t interfere with her own eating, she is ravenous so keep your hands away otherwise you WILL end up in her belly
Additional details: whenever Nanako eats more than the recommended daily intake in one sitting R-Nanako emerges, then she is literally insatiable, Nanako does not know that R-Nanako even exists, R-Nanako can sometimes emerge physically if Nanako uses her magical abilities too much, if someone is in her belly she will digest them (unless they teleport out) they will be revived in 10 seconds out of a fatter Nanako
:iconavakann:avakann 1 0
Character Name: Nanako Avak
Character Name: Nanako Avak
Species:  half-elf
Gender: female
Age: 30 (looks 19 though)
Height: 5'1
Weight: 250 lbs. (original weight 150 lbs.)
Character Physical Description:
Even though she is a half elf, she inherited her mother's height, so she is short especially for a half elf, and she has a little bit of excess weight, mainly in her belly, so she has a bit of a pot belly
She has blond hair,
Pointed ears,
She has a blue left eye and a silver right eye,
A smooth complexion,
Sexual Orientation:
She is bisexual, leaning towards a lesbian
She is currently in between jobs (she hasn’t been looking though)
Powers/ Abilities: she has psychic abilities, after she met a nice old woman, she helped her and the woman gave her the ability to tap into the hidden potential of her mind, she also has a knack for magic, though she is a bit of a klutz so her spells has an odd side effect
A spell she accidentally casted on herself causes her to gain weight like crazy, though
:iconavakann:avakann 7 10
Foundry, Thin by avakann Foundry, Thin :iconavakann:avakann 0 0 Foundry, Fat by avakann Foundry, Fat :iconavakann:avakann 1 22 Neverwinter Character by avakann Neverwinter Character :iconavakann:avakann 0 0 terra character by avakann terra character :iconavakann:avakann 0 1
Mature content
Alice with a twist 2 :iconavakann:avakann 10 1
Mature content
Alice With a Twist part 1 :iconavakann:avakann 7 3


Commission-Alt: you like girls rather big ? by DANYANTTO
Mature content
Commission-Alt: you like girls rather big ? :icondanyantto:DANYANTTO 119 12
The Busty Machine (GIF ) Reupload by CAHunk100
Mature content
The Busty Machine (GIF ) Reupload :iconcahunk100:CAHunk100 84 13
Commission: you like girls rather big ? by DANYANTTO
Mature content
Commission: you like girls rather big ? :icondanyantto:DANYANTTO 198 83
PCP: Krystal Captured by ViroVeteruscy PCP: Krystal Captured :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 105 15 Rika 20% fixify by Eishiban
Mature content
Rika 20% fixify :iconeishiban:Eishiban 151 5
Hello! by FatRoseSapphire Hello! :iconfatrosesapphire:FatRoseSapphire 3 4 Update! by Narukami92
Mature content
Update! :iconnarukami92:Narukami92 71 86
The Price of a Free Meal
“I think we should try that new restaurant that opened up.” Renee said to Chloe as they were driving in Chloe’s expensive luxurious car. “I heard that the owner is this new young guy who’d probably love to give two girls like us a free meal hee hee.” Renee continued to say, whipping her brown long hair out of her face. She moved in her seat a bit due to her tight crop top that exposed much of her cleavage. It also revealed some her midsection too which puffed into her lap gently.
“Oh that sounds like a fantastic idea. I’m absolutely starving today after Timothy said I couldn’t get any free meals at his restaurant anymore. That jerk, I only ate there like seven times!” Chloe was similar to Renee in that both were beautiful buxom women who used their “charms” to get a free meal. It had paid off lately, although the two were becoming greedier with them as evidenced by their bigger midsections. Chloe had a similar outf
:iconpast-the-limit:Past-The-Limit 205 24
Jessica Perez, the Stress-Eater
Jessica Perez made a long, drawn-out sound that seemed to be the mixture of a sigh and a grunt as she ran her hands through her dark brown bob-cut. She had spent the last five minutes simply staring at the blank piece of paper in front of her. She was supposed to be working on her mathematics homework that was due for class tomorrow, but she had failed to make any leeway whatsoever. She'd never been super strong at math, but now she felt like a total dunce thanks to these classes she was being forced to take as part of her major. She had to have at least one math class under her belt, so she went for the one that seemed the easiest, but apparently that was just a complete and utter lie. She looked at her calculator; it was supposed to be the answer to all of her math-related questions, but it had thus far provided absolutely no help in regards to that issue. Jessica Perez was about ready to hurl the little thing at the wall, but she couldn't do that, considering it cost so
:iconborin23:Borin23 182 22
Mature content
A Small Indulgence :iconeyebeast:EyeBeast 80 4
Pan fat by Eishiban
Mature content
Pan fat :iconeishiban:Eishiban 417 12
Teach me Ms Suki! 5 by MilkyBody
Mature content
Teach me Ms Suki! 5 :iconmilkybody:MilkyBody 490 75
OHouston and Ludlowa by DEIDATVM OHouston and Ludlowa :icondeidatvm:DEIDATVM 78 2 Love Hina: Ronin 15 - After - 3 by Dr-Black-Jack
Mature content
Love Hina: Ronin 15 - After - 3 :icondr-black-jack:Dr-Black-Jack 215 10
Mature content
Trick - A Weight Gain :iconbrothermayo:BrotherMayo 82 16
Comm: Always Her Baby by ViroVeteruscy Comm: Always Her Baby :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 38 10


So after a number of years I decided to rename my characters, I'll update the names when I have stable wifi, but I figured I'd let you know what the changes are

A few changes are going to be done to Nanako namely resetting a few things and more details on her mother's side of the family

The Avak last name is going to be changed, it's now going to be Vala, which is elven for angel

Yuki's name us going to be los vala, which would translate to snow angel

And Yami is now going to be Barad Vala, which means Dark angel

Now the biggest reason why I'm changing the names is entirely because I wanted them to be elven in nature and not japanese, Nanako still has a japanese name because her human mother was japanese, but I'll get to that later, thank you for your patience.

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Not much to say...
so I made a game and I decided to release it on DA, it's still in early development but hey it's better than nothing
so here is the game…

edit: I've just uploaded an updated version of the game


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